Every user who likes to spend his free time on the Internet, more than once faced with such concepts as cookies, cache, spyware and viruses. When opening a page, link or a new site, the system of a personal computer saves a piece of program code in its data. Such files and their fragments are called garbage files, they slow down the PC, sometimes even provoking breakdowns. It is impossible to get rid of junk files completely. Special programs like Kerish have been developed to keep your PC running at peak performance. Use the link on this page to download the free trial version of Kerish.

Kerish is a set of specialized programs for PC maintenance that fixes errors that occur in the registry, cleans your system of trash, protects your computer from viruses and other potential vulnerabilities and controls security settings.

The application is suitable for personal computers running on the Windows platform.

Program options and features

  • increases the speed of work;
  • optimizes the operation of system services and settings;
  • improves Internet connection;
  • destroys viruses and spyware;
  • cleans up junk files;
  • writes fixes to the log, from where they can be recovered;
  • controls PC temperature;
  • deletes old partitions and shortcuts;
  • built-in diagnostic algorithms;
  • a free trial version of the program.

How to Download Kerish

Follow the link on this page, the file will be automatically saved to your download folder. Run the file and select a folder to install the program. During installation, follow the recommendations that appear in the installation window. After the program installation is finished, its shortcut appears on the desktop. Open the program and start scanning your PC.


Kerish differs from similar programs in that it detects and prevents Windows system crashes within seconds and regularly updates its maintenance algorithms. And that means that by installing this set of programs, you can forget about the problems that can occur when your computer is running for a long time.